Going Virtual: What to Expect

Going Virtual: What to Expect

Get the real Congress experience from the comfort of your own chair:

Time Zone

The time zone of the virtual congress is COT Colombian Standard Time (GMT – 5). You may check the time difference to your local time zone here. Upon entering the virtual platform for the first time, you can set your local time zone.

You Set the Pace

The virtual experience will allow you to choose which sessions you want to visit and at what time. All talks will be recorded, so it’s all up to you. Join sessions and participate in live Q&A with speakers at a touch of a button. Find more about the programme here.

Network with your Peers

Networking with colleagues from around the world has never been easier. Complete your SparkX profile to find the most suitable people to connect with to spark new ideas and collaborations. Make sure to join us during our Cross-Congress Hub Connecting breaks. Learn more here.

Visit the Virtual Exhibition

Don’t miss a visit to the virtual exhibition. Check out the latest updates from the exhibitors, explore the videos and documents available at each booth, ask your questions and chat with real industry representatives. Exhibition hours are no longer limited! The virtual exhibition is open around the clock for all time zones. If no booth representatives are present during your visit, you are welcome to use the “Contact Us” button at the booth.


Within the virtual event platform, all exhibitors will be recognized with a letter  E  (Exhibitor) indicated after their name.

Re-visit the Congress

The entire platform will be available for 3 months after the congress dates so you can come back at any time and enjoy the ICCA 2021 virtual experience again.

There will be a live chat support available in the virtual platform with real people to assist you with any general enquiries or technical issues that you may have.

To take advantage, all you need is a good internet connection.

Let’s try something new. Together!