Congress Hub Asia Pacific- Nagasaki

Congress Hub Asia Pacific- Nagasaki

Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki is a compact city with tourist and economic hubs and possesses a unique layout that allows the entire city to be a convention ground itself. Its characteristic topography and historical background make Nagasaki one of the kind.

During Japan’s period of national seclusion from 1639 to 1853, the island of Dejima in Nagasaki was the only open gate between Japan and the West and welcomed many diversity, goods, and cultures and served as a great hub for exchange and communication.

In addition to conducting world-leading research in tropical medicine and international health, the Institute of Tropical Medicine at Nagasaki University is also involved in international projects and organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO).

The “City of Peace,” Nagasaki, as an atomic-bombed city, has been making global calls for the abolition of nuclear weapons and realization of everlasting world peace. Nagasaki is also known for its rich marine resources that supplies Japan with the most fish species in Japan.

In November 2021, Nagasaki’s first, full-scale convention center, the “Dejima Messe Nagasaki” will be opened and welcome visitors around the world. As an open-minded city that blazed a trail for international trade and introduced new ideas to Japan, Nagasaki has shared its legacy of peace, hospitality, and cultural diversity to the world and will now strive to create new legacies through hosting people and events.

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